What’s in a name?

Why, you may ask, did we decide to give ourselves the name “LIN Foundation”? 


Well, there are a few reasons we liked this name:


·         LIN is an acronym for “Local Initiated Not-for-Profit” – By creating an acronym that defines our key stakeholders, locally initiated not-for-profits, the name LIN regularly reminds us of our mission and objectives. We even thought it would be fun and easy to refer to our clients as “LINs”.

·         LIN is also short for “vì Li Ích Người Nghèo” – In English that translates to “For the Benefit of the Poor”. As our goal is to promote equal access to opportunities our primary focus is on mobilizing resources to ensure that benefits actually reach low-income households, which typically have lower levels of human capital because of greater difficulties in accessing health care and education services for example.

·         LIN is short & easy to pronounce – Whether you live in Vietnam or some other part of the world. We wanted to choose a name that was friendly and accessible to all of our current and potential stakeholders.


That’s the story behind our name.  Tell us what you think… 

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