Hand-surgery for underprivileged children

Eight underprivileged children who have congenital malformation or accidental sequels have just received hand-surgery sponsored by Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund on May 11. Most of these cases are from poor families and were selected in a consultation hosted by FV Hospital’s doctors at the end of 2008. With US$20,000 donated by the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation and Vietcombank, the medical consultations and operations for these children are provided by Dr. Stephane Guero, one of the founders of The Hand-surgery French Institute, and Dr. Vu Hoang Lien, hand surgeons at FV Hospital. Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund is founded by FV Hospital and Thanh Nien News Group and have supported for more than VND 1.2 billion to the surgeries of children.

Visit http://www.children-of-vietnam.fvhospital.com for online donations or email children-of-vietnam@fvhospital.com

(Writen by The World HCMC May 12, 2010)

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