Volunteer’s Stories


In order to promote volunteerism in Vietnam and highlight organizations as well as individuals who have been making a difference in the life of many others, LIN Center for Community Development is proud to announce the Volunteer’s Stories Competition 2010. The goal of this competition is to assemble a collection of best stories to demonstrate the impacts of dedicated volunteers in building a stronger community in Vietnam.

Who should be regarded as a “Volunteer”

Instead of the stereotypical attachment of the word to charity, through this competition, we would like to extend our heartfelt invitation to a much broader audience in the field of volunteerism, which includes charity, consulting, capacity building, fundraising, strategic planning, legal, etc. Whether you have spent time to teach English to poor children, protect in-danger species, provide training for social workers in soft skills and fundraising skills, build websites for NPOs, or serve as a free legal consultant in the field of not-for-profit, we look forward to receive your stories.


We only accept volunteer stories that happened in Vietnam. Besides, although we welcome submission in both English and Vietnamese for a diverse collection, only stories in Vietnamese will be considered for prizes.

Deadline & Submission

Please complete the application form and send it along with EACH of your submission to Volunteer@LINvn.org by 23:59pm on August 15th . A submission could be: written narration/essay, photo or video. There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit. However, please keep each written submission under 1000 words, each photo smaller than 3 MB and each video under 5 minutes.

Terms & Conditions

If you decide to participate in the competition, we assume that you have read and agreed with theterms and conditions.


As an incentive to those that share their story, we are offering several exciting prizes. There will be two Grand Prizes: one for the most inspiring story written by a Volunteer and the second for the most inspiring story written by a Volunteer Host Organization. Volunteers are dedicated to supporting local not-for-profits and we want to support their efforts. For this reason, we are offering Volunteers an opportunity to make an even greater impact with their prize money. For any volunteer that decides to grant their cash prize to a not-for-profit organization or initiative in Vietnam, LIN will double their prize amount.

To elaborate, the Volunteer that wins the grand prize will receive VND 5 million plus another VND 5 million to grant to a not-for-profit organization of his/her choice. If the volunteer decides to grant his/her own VND 5 million cash prize to an NPO, LINwill double the amount, for a total donation of VND 15 million. The Volunteer Host Organization that wins the grand prize will receive VND 10 million, which the organization can use towards its programs and/or general operating costs.

In addition, there will be prizes for the best submission in each of the following categories:

Age Groups Other Categories Photo Categories
  • Under 18 years
  • 18 to 30 years
  • 30 to 50 years
  • Over 50 years
  • Most Resourceful
  • Most Creative
  • High Impact Volunteer
  • Board Member/Advisor
  • Most Inspiring
  • Most Beautiful

Note 1: A panel of judges will be asked to select the winners in each category.

Note 2: Volunteers that win a category prize will receive VND 1 million. If the volunteer decides to grant his/her VND 1 million cash prize to an NPO, LIN will double the amount, for a total donation of VND 2 million. VHO’s that win a category prize will automatically receive VND 2 million.

Appeal for Sponsors

Such a large-scale competition as Volunteer’s Stories will bring back many benefits for sponsors, be it in-kind or financial sponsorship, as well as the community in general. Please click here for the sponsorship form.


If you have any question, please send an email to info@LINvn.org and nghia@LINvn.org

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