Introducing: LIN Corporate Volunteer Competition 2012

A new kind of volunteer challenge in Vietnam:

LIN Corporate Volunteer Competition 2012

PR Firms building capacity for Non-profits

initiated by LIN, Center for Community Development

Since long, volunteering is an important contribution to strengthen Not-for-profit organizations NPOs in their attempt to improve access to opportunities for disadvantaged populations. As a present or past volunteer, you know that volunteering means to donate time, experience and a lot of energy to a cause, thus making an important contribution towards a better life for the poor and underprivileged. That’s great!

But in these times of a rapidly changing society, driven by a strongly growing economy, an enormous inflation and rising inequality, the poor, underprivileged, disadvantaged and handicapped are often left behind. Their situation is constantly worsening. The most vulnerable suffer most: urban poor, children, migrant workers, handicapped and people with life-threatening illnesses. I think you will share my opinion.

How Skilled Volunteering strengthens skills and power

Thus, NPOs face an increasing demand for help and support. Therefore, more of an efficient and productive volunteering is an absolute must. That’s why LIN, Center for Community Development, relies on the new concept of Skilled Volunteering. This means matching NPOs with specific demands in a certain field (e.g. communication, accounting, management) with specialized companies that could meet such a need through volunteers with these specific skills.

Skilled Volunteering offers a lot of advantages. Companies and Skilled Volunteers can deliver the demanded services in a much more efficient way. Skilled Volunteers are able to develop important capabilities at NPOs faster and better, thus enabling them to enhance their field of action and their activities in favor of the poor.

How the Corporate Volunteer Competition creates a win-win situation

To promote this new concept, LIN is organizing a so called Corporate Volunteer Competition. What is the idea and how does this work? Well, LIN invites Companies specialized in Marketing, Communication and PR to take part in this contest. Why this sector? Because Marketing and Communication skills belong to the top needed skills for NPOs, according to a survey conducted by LIN last October.

This contest creates a win-win situation for everyone involved:

Companies make a long lasting social impact with what they do best at work, they enhance their image and reputation, communicate precious value to their staff and get broad publicity and recognition.

Skilled volunteers could acquire new skills through experiences (teamwork, communication, organizational skills), and increase their working motivation.

Eventually NPOs can acquire new communication skills, knowledge and energy from communication professionals, they will be able to raise their profile and better communicate their cause to target audience and to acquire additional support.

How this unique contest works

LIN invites companies and NGOs to participate on this competition and present their organization on a so called Matching Day. Each corporate team will then be matched with one local NPO of their choice.

Finally, 10-15 companies will participate and each will send a team of at least two staff to work with the matched NPO. So, 10-15 local NPOs will benefit from the competition, each with at least 2 staff learning new skills from the specialized companies.

Over a two-month course, each corporate team will mentor the NPO staff on communication skills and work closely with them to develop and create a communication strategy for the NPO. Based on that, a ready-to-use communication package (introduction clip, brochure, flyer, social media package) will be developed and then submitted for judging.

A judge panel of experts will finally select three best performing teams and honor them on an award ceremony, the ultimate meeting for all participants, teams, staff, authorities and media-people to honor the winners, giving thanks to everyone involved, revive the contest in retrospection.

I am persuaded that with this new and unique competition, not only companies and NPOs will gain new skills and experiences, but this future kind of volunteering and working together is more and more needed in times of increased societal and economic pressure on disadvantaged groups and people, reduced budgets and funds, steadily raising costs of living and helping.

To participate in this competition, please fill out this form

For more information, kindly contact:

08-38 246 091

                                                                        Hansjuerg Moser

LIN skilled volunteer

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