“The Art of Expression” Workshop

Participants of the workshop

On Monday, April 15, LIN Center for Community Development, in cooperation with Life Art, held a workshop called “The Art of Expression” with the participation of 34 members of various NGOs and NPOs in Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Phan Y Ly, Director of Life Art, and her colleagues led a lively workshop with lots of activities on creativity and active participation.

The workshop took place in a dance room which gave the participants an open space to move around. To start it off, each person was asked to introduce him- or herself while making a random movement which everyone else had to follow. After that, they walked around the room freely and increasingly fast and then paired up under the instruction of Ms. Ly. Within each pair, the participants took turns sharing three things that people knew about them and three secrets that hardly anybody knew. After five minutes, each pair took it in turn to say what they had shared to the whole workshop.

Members of a group enjoyed their performance of a running bicycle.

In the next activity, the participants were divided into five small groups. Each group was asked to come up with a creative way to use body movements to demonstrate a running bicycle in which each member played a different part of the vehicle and told the meaning of it. They all were very creative in this activity.

Everyone came back to the workshop after a break with another activity. The five groups had to think of a family scenario and act it out without a single word. And again, they showed great creativity, capturing different aspects of family life – happy or broken, with all kinds of conflicts among family members. Each group then shared the reasons why they had chosen such an aspect and the message they hoped to deliver to the audience.

At the end of the workshop, members of 3 groups were asked to share with everyone the difficulties they had encountered in their families, and those of the other 2 groups difficulties in their job. Next, each group chose one typical difficulty to demonstrate it using puppets. The rest of the workshop suggested solutions to overcome the difficulty their puppet character had to deal with.

“I enjoyed it a lot,” Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy of E&D commented on the workshop, “and look forward to attending more workshops of this kind. It taught me various ways to work and make connections with my clients. I was especially interested in the new and compelling idea of using arts to increase effectiveness in interacting with people. We all had a wonderful experience.”

“The Art of Expression” is a part of a series of workshops on active participation that Life Art, in collaboration with LIN Center, wants to bring to the community of NGOs and NPOs in Ho Chi Minh City. All the methods and skills introduced in this workshop can be applied to encourage sharing as a way to deal with sensitive issues in the family and the workplace. With the success of the workshop, LIN Center will organize more similar workshops and training programs to provide NGOs and NPOs in the city with the methods and approaches to enhance creativity and active participation in their organizations.

Translated by Truong Ngoc Anh Thu, LIN Volunteer

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