What Employee Volunteer Programs are in place in HCMC?

Corporate social responsibility in the form of employee volunteer programs creates a win-win situation for businesses, employees and the communities in which they serve. A quick glance at several companies that are engaging their staff to volunteer in Ho Chi Minh City:


Intel Involved is a corporate volunteer program designed to encourage, support and recognize employees who volunteer in their communities. Through this program, Intel employees volunteer time and talent to build strong communities. Several Intel employees in Ho Chi Minh City have volunteered their professional skills to support LIN Center and local non-profit organizations, including Little Rose Warm Shelter, CED, Smile Group, to name a few.

When Intel employees commit hours, Intel commits dollars.  The Intel Involved Matching Grant program awards cash grants to eligible organizations based on the number of hours that Intel employees volunteer.

After a minimum of 20 hours has been accrued by Intel employees volunteering at a school or qualified non-profit organization, a donation or “match ” will be triggered from the Intel Foundation. $10,000 maximum per eligible organization per year.


Room 13 @ TBWA Vietnam

Artists at Room 13 at TBWA Vietnam

Room 13 began in 1994 in Scotland, and today, Room 13 exists around the world in countries such as India, Austria, Botswana, Mexico, Nepal and Turkey.

Unlike the traditional art class, there is no teacher, agendas or lectures in the Room 13 studio, but the one thing that is taught in Room 13 is creativity.  An “artist in residence” is present as a fellow artist to guide the young artists to assist them with technical help.

The young artists are free to discuss and create whatever they want in Room 13. Room 13 is a place where everyone is seen as equals, regardless of age. Everyone is an artist with something to say.

In 2005, TBWA assisted in the launch of Room 13 in South Africa, because TBWA and Room 13 shared creativity at their core. Since the success of Room 13 in South Africa, TBWA has committed to helping Room 13 expand around the world.

For TBWA, Room 13 is a “social responsibility” project, and the company does not make any profit off of this project. We simply want to inspire the next generation in Vietnam to be in touch with their own creativity and to provide the opportunity and an outlet for them to freely express themselves through Room 13.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Room 13 has been in place since July 2011, giving space for approximately 20 children in total and involving 7 employees to volunteer.


Horizon Capital  Group

Pro bono volunteerism is not a new concept to the Horizon Capital team. Its managers and employees have volunteered at LIN Center since the beginning, taking up long-term positions as pro bono consultants in the LIN Board of Directors and Advisors, Finance Management, Human Resources and Legal Advisory.

“Besides the social effects, a result that we can clearly see is that staff participated in volunteer activities have well developed skills such as teamwork, presentation, communication as well as offering creative ideas,” said Mr. Kham Doan, Chairman of Horizon Capital Advisors Co. Ltd.  “With these positive impacts, skilled volunteer activities have become a particular culture within our company’s general culture. Thanks to that, we have built an enterprise image for community sustainable development.”


Are you also looking for a meaningful way to encourage your staff to give back to the community? Consider LIN Corporate Volunteer Challenge!

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