Volunteer Stories Book

The book “Volunteer stories (Vol 2): The power of sharing”

LIN Center is glad to announce the publication of Volunteer Stories (Volume 2): The Power of Sharing. The book is printed in both Vietnamese and English with lively illustrations by Do Quang Vu, a LIN volunteer. The 13 stories in the book were selected from 90 submissions for Volunteer Stories competition organized by LIN Center in September 2011.

“Proud to be a “trash uncle” – a story from the book

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the sponsors of Volunteer Stories competition 2011, whose support is a strong motivation for us to get this book done: Judith Carey Zesiger Family Foundation, UNV Vietnam, SRI Vietnam, Emerald Digital Marketing, MobiVi, Megastar and The Word Magazine. The book, of course, wouldn’t exist without the contribution of the individuals and organizations who shared their heartfelt volunteer stories, pictures and videos with us. And last but not least, we owe many thanks to our volunteers who selflessly helped us with the translation, edition, revision and design of the book.

LIN Center would like to send copies of the book, which is a limited edition, to all the volunteers, groups and organizations who participated in the competition. We are thankful to all the supporters who have bought the book to fundraise for LIN.

“The publication is well-designed and makes up of high-quality and moving stories. I particularly think that the best part is the bilingual presentation, thanks to which foreigners can read the book as well. Thank LIN very much and wish that LIN’s upcoming events will be successful!”

Huong Trang – a volunteer who submitted her story for the competition.

Translated by Anh Thu (LIN volunteer)

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