Kick-start LIN Corporate Volunteer Challenge 2012

The LIN Corporate Volunteer Challenge: Building communication skills for non-profits was kick-started on June 23 with the Matching Event at KOTO Restaurant. Representatives from four companies (Brand Maker, Lowe, Co May Man and Matterhorn) and five non profit organizations (NPOs) attended the event.

The purpose of the Matching Event was to bring the participating companies and NPOs together for the first time so that they could learn more about potential partners and team up for the Corporate Challenge.

The event started with a brief introduction by a representative from LIN Center, followed by the Speed Networking session. Representatives from companies sat opposite with those from NPOs. Each NPO had three minutes to introduce themselves to a company before the time was up and they had to move to the next seat and talk to the next company.

Participants introduced themselves in the Speed Networking session – Photo by Hoang Giang

This approach gave all participants the opportunity to overcome their shyness and engage in conversations proactively. By the end of the Speed Networking, all companies and NPOs had collected enough information about their potential partners.

After the Speed Networking, participants had 30 minutes for open networking before making selecting 3 favorite partners.

Participants learned about each other in the Open Networking- Photo by Hoang Giang

Based on the selection forms, LIN team helped match and form the five competing teams as follows:

Team 1: Brand Maker – Hoc Mon Social Center

Team 2: Co May Man (Clover4Leaf) – Tuong Lai Center

Team 3: Co May Man (Clover4Leaf) – Hoa Hong Nho Little Rose Warm Shelter

Team 4: Matterhorn – Thao Dan Social Center

Team 5: Lowe – Action for Wildlife Organization

The 5 participating teams- Photo by Hoang Giang

The matching result was welcomed by both companies and NPOs. Ms. Ha Thi Thu Ngan, team leader from Brand Maker, said her team was ready for the challenge. “Brand Maker used to participate in LIN previous projects and it is our honor to be a part of the LIN Corporate Volunteer Challenge.” Said Ngan. “The competition will not only award prizes for winning NPOs but also offer opportunities for all participating organizations to improve their communication skills. I hope with the support from Brand Maker, our team partner Hoc Mon Social Center will win and attract more support from the public.”

As it is their first time participating in such a challenge, the Action for Wildlife Organization was more than excited. Nguyen Thanh Hung, a team member, said they would do their best to win this competition.

Over the course of two months from now till 19 August 2012, the teams will work together to develop a communication product that would meet the need of the NPO and a communication strategy for the NPO. During the process, the companies will mentor the NPOs on skills to better their communication activities. The Award Ceremony will be held on 30 August, 2012.

Updates about the challenge can be found at

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