A story to begin your week

Here are the two men at the motorbike repair shop on Thành Thái street.

Last Thursday, two volunteers from LIN went to Ánh Sáng shelter (District 10) to have an insight on the organization and to discuss with Ms Mai, the NPO’s manager. On the way back, the team’s photographer got a flat tire. Truly, it was disheartening, for we had travelled the road from Cơ sở Bình Lợi in Binh Thanh District to District 10 under the midday sun, and the photographer himself had previously lent a hand for the students who came to the city to take the university entrance exam  – we were both understandably tired. This motorbike in particular has had a notorious history with flat tires…

Having found a small motorbike repair shop, we excitedly downloaded pictures onto our laptop computer. The motorbike repairman, pointing his finger towards the laptop, said: “How much is that stuff?” Thus began the story of the two elderly men and the two young friends. After a while, the repairman produced a nail, saying: “This is what I found when searching the Internet!”

Repairing the flat tire was only a matter of minutes. It suddenly dawned on me that it would be a great idea to take a picture of the two men, and told my friend (the photographer) to do so. At the beginning, the men refused, but we pleaded and begged and they finally sat down for a picture. They were clearly embarrassed… it must have been a first for them. In the end, the pictures came out quite nicely.

– Sir, please let me pay you now for repairing the motorbike!

– No worries, you have taken a picture of us, why pay us too? Thanks to you guys, the two of us have a picture together. Repairing a motorbike costs only a few fleeting thousand dong, but a picture once taken lasts forever.

– Alright, sir, we will develop these pictures and deliver them to you J

And so, a tiresome day came to a sweet conclusion, with the two men’s relaxed smiles and cheery laughter. I want to share with you this story today, just to highlight the simple joys of life, the small things that make life that much more beautiful.

“Every day, I find a source of happiness…”

Picture by: Giang Pham – Article by: Lại Hồng Vy – Translated by: Sao Mai Nguyễn

P/s: If you can spare the time, please participate in LIN’s Haiku contest. The pleasure will be shared by all.


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