LIN Community Day

On 14 July, LIN Center hosted a Community Day where beneficiaries and staff from local NPOs came and picked up donated items. It was fun. The event was expected to last for 3 hours but all the boxes were emptied within one hour.

LIN Center would like to thank our donors for donating their clothes and items to the community.

Below are some photos of the event.

LIN staff sorting clothes one day before the event.

NPOs staff and beneficiaries inspecting the goods. The poor people got all the items for free, the NPO staff donated 20,000 VND/piece to LIN Center and we’ll use the money for programs to build capacity for local NPOs.

Checking out.

Checking out.


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One comment on “LIN Community Day
  1. Hansjuerg Moser says:

    A great idea to collect clothes and give them to needy people – and there are still a lot! We did something similar in Dong Van: Brought 20 kilos baby and children clothes from Switzerland and presented it on a selfmade “stall” at a Sunday market up there near the border to China where many Ethnies come from far away hills to attend the market. With the help of a young man who spoke some English, we offered the clothes for free. After some hesitation from the people, the clothes were gone within ten minutes!!! Great experience.

    Hansjuerg, LIN skilled volunteer

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