Workshop “Strategy for raising funds and building network for NPO”

NPO employees attending the workshop

In the morning of July 13, 2012, 40 non-profit (NPO) employees attended the workshop “Strategy for raising funds and building network for NPO” at the office of Better Work Vietnam in District 3, HCMC. The purpose of this workshop was to present a fundraising idea combined with Speed Networking as a way to help NPO staff boost their networking skills in order to find potential donors.

As this was a new idea, lots of questions were raised in regard to LIN’s presentation. Coming to this workshop, the NPO employees had a chance to learn about one of the fundraising activities which were commonly used around the world but hardly seen in non-profit activities in Vietnam.  To learn more about this fundraising idea, please visit NPO Resources on LIN’s website.

“This workshop introduced a new fundraising idea which I think non-profit organizations can apply to raise funds locally. On behalf of LIN Center, I would like to thank Global Fund for Community Foundations for sponsoring expenses for this workshop and Better Work Vietnam for the venue.”

Mr. Pham Truong Son, Deputy Director of LIN Center

LIN Center

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