Second Chance Store: First Opening

LIN’s Second Chance Store was open for the first time in the morning of 6th October, 2012 at 54/3 Le Quang Dinh street, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC. From 9-12am, about 60 people visited and shopped at the store. Many of them were staff and volunteers at not-for-profit organizations, and people with low in-come. There were also shoppers who enjoyed thrifting.

Many customers found the price unbelievably cheap. For a minimum of VND 5,000, up to VND 200,000, they could buy clothes, toys, souvenirs, shoes, handbags, accessories, books and magazines in good quality. The items, all donated to LIN, were given a second chance to find new owners and expand their value, helping to solve the storage problem for the previous owners. At the same time, many people with low income had the opportunity to purchase usable items at very reasonable price. It was also the meaning behind the name of the store: Second Chance.

The first opening’s sales was VND 7.3 million. All the revenue will be invested in LIN’s community programs to support not-for-profit organizations and charity groups.

The LIN team would like to thank all the donors for their generous donation to the store. Our special thanks go to  Asian Tigers, who offered free delivery service and donated shopping bags for the store; and Out2Studio for offering a place to receive donation and help with marketing.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the wonderful customers and the amazing volunteers for their support.

Find out more about Second Chance Store at:

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