LIN New Year Lights Campaign: Build a home for Vietnam NPOs!

Lights campaign

Dear Friends!

In ancient times, there was a tradition that on winter solstice people extinguish the fires in their homes and relight them again from a single bonfire in the center of their village, thus celebrating the start of a new year and reaffirming the bond between all the community members.

Last year you helped us bring to life many bright lights, and we are happy to share them with you by means of LIN 2012 Highlights and December newsletter. We thank you and hope that seeing how much help Vietnam’s not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) received last year with your support will make you just as proud and happy as we are!

This holiday season, we are also inviting you to share a bit of your family fire to help us light a warm and welcoming hearth in LIN’s new Home for local NPOs. The Home will open its doors in early 2013 and will combine a space for free workshops, seminars and working groups for LIN’s NPO partners, library, place for one-on-one consultation for NPOs, free space for start up NPOs, skilled volunteers center, and a venue for LIN’s community events.

The hearth at LIN’s new Home will help light fires of over 100 local not-for-profit organizations who, in turn, share the warmth and love with over 2.000 people in HCMC who very much need it this holiday season: with children who have no home or family, abandoned elderly, people with disabilities, people who suffered from human trafficking, poor city dwellers, and many others. The stronger you help LIN make their fires, the more people these organizations can invite to warm up!

To make it a real home for NPOs we need a lot of simple things such as paint, furniture, office equipment, help with rent and utility bills – just like in any warm home. We hope to raise funds for all these items during our New Year Lights Campaign running from December 31 to February 9. There are many ways in which you can make a donation to support LIN’s Home for NPOs: via LIN Global Giving or One Vietnam Pages (both are tax deductible for our US supporters), direct bank transfer, or by cash or in-kind support. Any amount will help make our fire stronger!

We thank you for your care and support! This holiday season, may your home be filled with love, warmth, and light. We all hope to welcome you to our new hearth in the coming year!

Happy holidays!

LIN Team

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