Over 100 people visited Second Chance Store on 17 March


Customers checking items at Second Chance Store on 17 March.

120 people, many of whom from local not-for-profit organizations, came to Second Chance Store sale event on 17 March, 2013.

It was the fourth opening of Second Chance Store, and the first time at the store’s permanent address, which is also LIN’s Community Center address: 180/47 Nguyen Huu Canh street, W22, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

“I am a regular customer at Second Chance Store. I take my friends with me this time and all of them came home with many items bought at the store,” said Ms. La Hong Anh Thu, staff at Hoc Mon Social Center. “I think the price was affordable, however some items were quite expensive. The venue was better than that of previous  events. All clothing items were categorized and hung on the racks, which made it easy for us to select.”

The total amount raised from the event was 9,866,000 VND.  LIN will use it to cover operational cost of the store and invest in LIN’s activities to build capacity for local NPOs in HCMC.

LIN’s Second Chance Store accepts donation from everybody who wishes to give away usable items. LIN team sorts all the items and set an affordable price before selling the items to the community, especially staff, volunteers and beneficiaries from local NPOs. The store is open once a month. The next sale event is scheduled on 14 April, 2013. LIN is grateful for regular in-kind support to Second Chance Store from Asian Tigers, Melchers, Levi’s and other donors.

For more information about Second Chance Store, please contact us: 08-35120092, email info@linvn.org, or visit our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/cohoithuhai

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