The Opening Ceremony of “LIN Community Center”


The Opening Ceremony of “LIN Community Center” and Introduction about VNPO Capacity Building System Project”

Ho Chi Minh City, 18 March 2013 – Finally, after four years of waiting, LIN Center for Community Development’s staffs proudly introduced the LIN Community Center which is also the Office of LIN’s team. The Opening Ceremony was held on Saturday morning, 09 March 2013 with nearly 60 participants from other NPO organizations in the city.

The project “VNPO Capacity Building System” funded by Irish Aid, was proudly introduced in this Opening Ceremony. This project is a strategic collaboration between LIN, Social Development and Training Center of Ton Duc Thang University (SDTC) and Gail Nordheim – an expert of International NPO Development. This project will be carried out in two years to support VNPOs to work more effectively and more actively in cooperation with strategic partners, sponsors, companies and government agencies to develop community service of organizations. At the Opening Ceremony, LIN has encouraged organizations to participate in this project to build a successful project together.

At the event, LIN has officially introduced the Community Center which is also the official office of LIN with many useful services for nonprofit organizations. At this Community Center, LIN provides NPO Incubator service together with consultant services regarding organization’s development and other office utilities for newly founded or developing organizations. A library with a range of books about researching and developing strategies and organizations is always ready to serve organizations and individuals who are interested in non-profit community. Especially, LIN’s partners can register for conference rooms and meeting rooms with free-of-charge (during office hours) in order to carry their activities. This advantage will save part of expenses for the organizations and also create a friendly community environment at the LIN Community Center.

On this occasion, LIN also appreciates the appearances of 10 Members in the Board of Managers and everyone  in five groups, who have contributed in the discussion regarding the challenges in operating organization and how LIN can help organizations to overcome these challenges. The discussion helps LIN to understand the needs and challenges faced by the partners.

“The discussion has helped us a lot for better understanding of the needs and challenges that organizations have to face, it helps LIN’s team able to have better collaboration with its partners in future. After 4 years, from 2009, I am very glad that LIN officially has its headquarter office and I hope that with our new services, LIN team will create an effective impact to the development of VNPOs in the Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam ” shared by Mr. Pham Truong Son, deputy director LIN.

After all, everyone has not only had a great time for sharing and exchanging information but also signed in the list of more than 100 partners of LIN. This list will always be solemnly placed at the entrance to make LIN not only be seen as Community Center but a Community House of all NPO

All the Opening Ceremony information can be found at:

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