LIN launched 6 social media channels

LIN officially launched their social media network on 01 April 2013. Six social media sites include Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Linked in, WordPress and SlideShare.

LIN Social Media

Based on the idea of an Online Community Center for all of LIN partners, our team launched and revamped LIN profile on six social media channels. These profiles will serve a variety of purposes. They will provide access to training, research materials, and interesting news on Vietnam’s social and economic development, the work of local not-for-profit organizations, individual and corporate philanthropy, skilled volunteerism and many others. They will also serve as venues for open online discussions with experts and for exchanging opinions between LIN’s supporters.

Ms. Pham Thanh Thuy Vy, one of the volunteers who helped LIN build the social media network, gladly shared “Finally, after more than a year of planning and nurturing, LIN Social Network sites were successfully launched by the zeal of volunteers and LIN team. Hopefully, the network will receive good response from the community.”

Mr. Dinh Van Mai – 4th year student, Department of Social Work, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, shared his opinion : ” I have learnt many useful methods of organizing an event from LIN, however I can rarely find LIN information on the internet. LIN is currently posting updates on Facebook but very little, so I hope these Social Network sites can introduce and promote LIN to the community.”

LIN’s Facebook profile will provide information on volunteer opportunities, stories from LIN’s staff and volunteers, most recent news and upcoming events announcements, online discussions or fun challenges for those who would like to learn about not-for-profit community in HCMC.


LIN’s LinkedIn profile will provide professional development information, as well as social and economic issues which are influencing the not-for-profit community. Volunteer opportunities will be updated regularly.


LIN’s WordPress profile has been restructured with two separate site, one for Vietnamese and one for English readers. This is where you can now find updates on LIN’s events and tips for NPOs, volunteers and donors, in addition to other useful information.


LIN’s Slideshare profile will have all the NPO training documents, as well as useful research and educational materials.


LIN’s Pinterest will provide you with quotes, ideas for organizing events and decorating offices, inforgraphics, and LIN’s ideas.


Last but not least, LIN’s Youtube channel will continue to upload video clips about LIN’s event. There will be a new section where you could have a sneak peak into LIN’s preparation for big events.


In the near future, LIN will also launch an online portal to support Vietnam’s non-profit-organizations. Stay tuned –  look what a splendid choice you have now!

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