What’s new at LIN’s Second Chance Store?

LIN’s Second Chance Store welcomed nearly 100 customers to the fifth sale event on Sunday, 14 April at 180/47 Nguen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District.

Thanks to advice from Design4Good, a group of volunteer designers, the store’s layout, checkin and checkout process were improved. Each customer was handed an Asian Tigers bag upon entering the store to use as shopping bag.

Clothes (women tops, dress, and skirts) were hang on 6 hanging racks in the middle of the room, while shoes, handbags, and children clothes and toys were displayed along the wall. A corner of the room was dedicated to used jeans donated by Levi’s. The two window frames were used to put more clothes (men tops and blazers).

Second Chance Store 5

The back room was served as a mini bookstore. Customers enjoyed browsing the books they liked in quietness.

Second Chance Store 5 - Book

After finish shopping, customer queued in line in the sideway check out. As a small incentive, LIN gave out a pack of green tea bottles (donated by Tan Hiep Phat) to customers who brought their own bags. The Asian Tigers bags were returned to the store to use for next events.

Second Chance Store 5 - Cashier

Second Chance Store 5 - gift

This woman brought her own Asian Tigers shopping bag which was given to her from previous sale event.

Those who did not enter the store were provided chairs, newspapers and drinking water.

Second Chance Store 5

The A/C did a great job in cooling down the store, making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all customers and volunteers at the store.

Second Chance Store 5 Air Conditioner

The Second Chance Store team also produced a short video clip (below) to walk you through this process.

The changes proved effective in helping customers to feel more comfortable shopping at the store. One customer wrote on the store’s facebook: “I enjoyed shopping in a room with A/C this morning, I bought nice skirts and even had a bottle of green tea to bring home.”

Second Chance Store 5_Comment

Customers were also pleased with the store volunteers’ helpfulness and friendliness. Ngoc Mai, a customer, wrote on her facebook: “Today I bought quite a few items. The volunteers at LIN were very nice.”


A total of 10.5 million VND was raised from the sale event. This amount will cover the store’s operation cost and invest in LIN’s programs to help build capacity for local NPOs.

We look forward to the community’s feedback to improve Second Chance Store. The next sale event is scheduled on 19 May 2013.

Second Chance Store provides the HCMC community with a way to effectively channel good quality used items to local nonprofit organizations and their beneficiaries. Anyone can donate items, which will be sorted and accessibly priced by the LIN team. All proceeds from our sales will cover operating costs and any additional amount will be invested into LIN’s community programs supporting local not-for-profit and charity organizations.

LIN will be accepting donated goods at different locations in HCMC. Each month, we organize one Sunday morning sale at 180/47 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District. Although anyone can come to purchase items on the sale day, LIN will heavily market the opportunity towards the staff at local not-for-profit organizations (many of whom are volunteers or on low incomes) and the disadvantaged people they support.

For details about the second chance store, click here or contact LIN at: info@linvn.org or 35120092.

LIN is grateful for on-going support to Second Chance Store from Asian Tigers, Melchers, VINO, and other donors.

Visit the store’s facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cohoithuhai

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  1. LIN says:

    I love the Facebook testimonials!

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