Filming for a Cause


Blah Blah Film Production helps LIN to tell the Narrow the Gap story

In order to create a promotional video for the Narrow the Gap Fund 2013, LIN has partnered with Blah Blah Film Production, a well-known player on HCMC production scene. The team of Blah Blah has graciously agreed to donate their time and skills to help LIN shed light on the real people and real organizations that you can help through the Narrow the Gap Fund. We asked Rebekah Maley, Executive Producer at Blah Blah Film Production featured in the photo above, to share her thoughts as to why Blah Blah decided to get engaged in this project.

  • How did you learn about LIN?

Last year, my housemate attended a LIN event and so we had a capacious LIN mug in the kitchen that I always liked to use. My curiosity was piqued and I explored a bit online to learn more about what LIN is doing in Vietnam, but it wasn’t until we started this project that I fully understood their role as a facilitator to so many organizations.

  • Why did you and Blah Blah team decide to support LIN and the Narrow the Gap Fund?

I’ve lived in Vietnam for a few years, but had not yet found the right avenue to meaningfully contribute to the many people in need. Buying gum and giving handouts has never felt like the way to support real and sustainable change. Our whole team was gratified to have an opportunity to use our expertise to address the social issues that LIN and its partners target.

  • What surprised or shocked you while working on the project? What has been the most memorable thing so far?

I was surprised at the large number and long-term standing of the NPOs with which LIN works. We visited one that has been operating for 28 years, placing its establishment well before the growth of Vietnam’s current affluence. The individuals who continue to dedicate their years to assisting disadvantaged communities are truly impressive.

  • Would you recommend for others to volunteer their time and skills with LIN and local NPOs? If yes, why?

Absolutely. I think most of us hold the intention to be part of the change we hope to see, but it’s not always clear how to go about that. Now that I’ve had a personal introduction to the depth and scope of the existing NPO system in Vietnam, and to how LIN is providing much needed mentorship and funding to this system, I can’t imagine a better starting point for anyone to find a creative and meaningful way to make a positive difference in society.


Rebekah and Marc filming workshop for not-for-profit organizations helping vulnerable children. At the workshop the organizations were invited to submit their projects to compete for funding from the Narrow the Gap Fund.

To learn more about Blah Blah Film Production click here

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To donate to the Narrow the Gap Fund go to

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