“Basic Communication Principles” Workshop

On July 10, 2013, LIN Center for Community Development in collaboration with eBrand held “Basic Communication Principles” workshop with more than 20 non-profit organizations in attendance.

This workshop was part of the LIN Community Partnership Initiative (CPI). Its aimed at bringing basic and fundamental communication theories for the 11 non-profit organizations that participated in this year CPI.

hội thảo nguyên tắc truyền thông cơ bản
Speaker Hoàng Minh Ngọc Hải, Director of eBrand Company, in opening the workshop, let the organizations have a chance to get to know each other in order to create an enthusiastic and comfortable atmosphere for the training. Hai started his presentation by giving the basic definition and the role of communication to social organizations. With SMCR module, he stressed on 4 communication targets: Sender, Message, Channel, and Receiver. Through those features, organizations can distinguish a communication agenda.

In his presentation, Hai addressed a number of challenges that many organizations are currently facing. Ms. Nguyen Hieu Hanh, staff member of A New Day organization, described those challenge as disarray, lack of knowledge, and lack of staff with expertise. Hai came up with 4 key point that organizations need to pay attention to: Practical, Strength, Creative and Frequency.

With a view of a communication expert, Hai introduced 2 modules that are often used to analyze a communication strategy: PEST (Political – Economical – Social – Technological) and SWOT (Strength – Weak – Opportunity – Threat). Mr. Tran Hoa from Du an Tuong Lai comments – “The content of the training is very helpful and practical. eBrand and LIN have been very thoughtful. However due to time, many contents haven’t got discussed.”

This is the first in a series of workshops that provides training and knowledge about communication to the organizations. LIN would like to thank speaker Hoang Minh Ngoc Hai – eBrand Director, and the organizations that were in attendance.

* Please click here to view Mr. Hoang Minh Ngoc Hai’s presentation (in Vietnamese)


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