Announcing Five Contestants for Narrow the Gap Photo Contest 2013: Focus on Children


On July 12th, a professional photographer and our wonderful judge Mr. Na Son selected 5 contestants from the 12 applicants for the Narrow the Gap Photo Contest 2013: Focus on Children. In order to help the contestants to complete their part, on July 13th Na Son has invited them to come to a photography lesson at his home where he shared his ideas and advice regarding taking photos at the local not-for-profit organizations (NPOs). After that, a LIN staff member discussed the meaning and the goals of this contest as well as work ethics. Most importantly, at this meeting each contestant chose an organization to work with in the next 10 days.

Here are the contestants and their respective NPOs:

Lê Khánh Duy – Dự án SPI

Hồ Hoàng Đông – Mái ấm Quận 8

Nguyễn Minh Luận – Gia đình Tình thương Tê Phan

Phạm Nguyễn Minh Thư – Mái ấm Hoa Hồng Nhỏ

Nguyễn Hoàng Việt – Chương trình Chăm sóc Trẻ em đường phố Thảo Đàn

July 24th is the deadline for the contestants to send in an album of 20 – 30 best photos to LIN. On the morning of July 25th, all five albums will be posted on Facebook page of the Narrow the Gap Fund – and you can take a look and vote for the album that is closest to your heart.  The public vote closes on July 31st. After that, the three most liked albums will be evaluated by Mr. Na Son. He will make the final decision as to who the winner is. On August 1st, the winner will be announced on the Narrow the Gap Fund’s Facebook Page and Blog.

Stay tuned and cast your vote for the best photos!

For more information about the contest please email LIN at (Vy) or call 84-8-3512 0092.

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