[CPI] 7 NPOs visited HSBC Vietnam

Representatives from 7 local non profit organizations (NPOs) were welcomed to HSBC Vietnam office on Nguyen Van Troi street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City on 26 July. The visit, which was a part of LIN Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2013, provided an opportunity for the participating NPOs to learn about HSBC’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Ms. Tran Ngoc Anh Thu, HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability Manager, presented three main themes of focus in the bank’s CSR program, including Education, Environment and Community (ie. activities such as Blood donation, Charity Run, etc.). HSBC selected the projects that met two main criteria: Practicality and Sustainability. In the Q&A that followed, the participants asked about the terms of application, selection timeline and other tips and advice on preparing a grant proposal.

HSBC visit 2

Ms. Tran Ngoc Anh Thu (standing) presents HSBC’s CSR program to NPO representatives.

After Ms. Thu’s presentation, three NPOs were selected randomly to come up and present about their organizations. They were Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong (from MATA), Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lieu (from Tuong Lai project) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (from Smile Group). After their presentation, Ms. Thu provided several tips for NPOs to create a positive first impression with potential donors. The tips included telling stories about the staff or the organization; demonstrating the NPO’s ability to rally contribution from different stakeholders, including the NPOs’ own effort; and avoiding unspecific information.

Ms. Nga from Smile Group found these comments helpful. “This activity is meaningful for NPOs like Smile Group,” she said. “The comments from Ms. Thu as a grant reviewer helped me realize the points I need to improve in my next meeting with prospective donors.”

HSBC visit 1

The visit was marked with a group photo

The visit to HSBC Vietnam was a part of the CPI activities to build capacity in communications for local NPOs. LIN would like to thank HSBC Vietnam and 7 NPOs who participated in the visit.

By Tran Van Anh (PR Intern at LIN)

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