Narrow the Gap Photo Contest: Vote till 31/7

The Narrow The Gap Photo Contest 2013: Focus on Children has now come to the most exciting online voting part! Each contestant had only 10 days to think of the settings for the album, to meet the organization and to take the photos telling the full story about the children it is helping, and to produce a beautiful album with 20 to 30 pictures touching upon 3 topics: the Life, the Dreams, and the Gap. You can vote for your favorite photo album from July 25th to July 31st. Our star judge, photographer Na Son, will choose the winner out of the three albums that gain most votes. To see the albums and cast your vote, click here.

The five organizations participating in the photo contest are caring for many vulnerable children in HCMC. Each album tells the story of such children through very simple and down-to-earth images that people rarely notice, such as: writing on the window, smile of a mother who has her son next to her when working long hours under the hot sun, a quick nap after a long night shift, sitting alone in a basketball court, or waiting patiently for a meal to be served. The efforts that the contestants put in getting close and capturing these candid moments, despite limited time, have given you the chance to meet the children and the organizations. Through their photos, the contestants share what the children and the organizations that help them are currently, night and day, going through.

Nguyễn Hoàng Việt – Thao Dan Social Protection Centre 

1 Let me show you the way,

 See photo album of contestant Hoàng Việt

“The contest has lent me new perspectives on the lives of poor people in the city and poor children in particular. Muoi’s bridge market district, sidewalks, Ong Lanh’s under-bridge, the ghetto of district 8 where these kids are grinding out to live are too harsh compare to Saigon. Saigon is where the rich live fabulously and the poor live horrifically. However, they still manage to find joy in their lives.”  (Contestant Hoàng Việt)

Thảo Đàn is an organization support, care, and protect homeless and unfortunate children by creating condition, chances for them to get back to their family, society; push for respect and carrying-out of children’s right.

Phạm Nguyễn Minh Thư – Little Rose Warm Shelter


After all, the small pink flower buds continue to bloom to symbolize the dream of “finding faith”, a dream that should belong not only to the children but also to every one of us.

View the photo album by contestant Minh Thu

“One week is too short a time to really understand the lives of the children. At the same time, the time limit has driven me to observe and contemplate the little details around, from the window writing on the photo above to a heart scribbled in the corner of the bedroom wallpaper. Hopefully through these photos “on the sidelines” I will paint for everyone a simple and true picture about the children’s lives and their home. “(Contestant Minh Thu)

Little Rose Warm Shelter is a not-for-profit organization providing care, education, and other forms of support for the young women and girls who are victims or at risk of becoming victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, or forced labor.

Hồ Hoàng Đông – District 8 Shelter



See the photo album of contestant Hoàng Đông

“When exposed to and submerged into the children’s lives, I felt my own childhood memories coming back about all the games I used to play just like the children at the Shelter.” (Contestant Hoàng Đông)

The District 8 Shelter provides lodging, education, and life skills training for boys and young men who are orphans or who are forced to live on the street. The Shelter tries to give them enough skills and resources to help them integrate back into the community.

Nguyễn Minh Luận – Te Phan Love Family House



See the photo album of contestant  Minh Luận

Te Phan is a not-for-profit organization taking care and support children with difficulty such as children with disability and street children, orphan mental disability, hearing disability, physical disability, visual disability, mixed disability. They care for the kids until they can work to live by themselves.

Lê Khánh Duy – SPI Project


A family of six lives behind this old door

See the photo album of contestant  Khánh Duy

“I met the children at a very special age, 16-20 years old. It is an age when one is preparing to enter the adult world and there are a lot of physiological and psychological changes. You live in a very complex environment. Anything good or bad that happens at this age affects the lifestyle and the future of the children later. Yet for these children simply getting by their daily life is difficult, set aside getting help entering the adult life. There is no one to support them.” (Contestant Khánh Duy)

SPI Project provides vocational training and life skills training for street youth and children from migrant families. The young people are between 16 – 20 years and due to their age they can no longer receive support from orphanages and shelters for young children.

Now you have your say! Look through the five photo albums mentioned above and vote for your favorite one. And please remember to Share the albums on Facebook to spread the word about the children’s lives and about the work of the organizations helping them. Take a look at the meaning of this image and vote for your favorite images. Hurry up, you have until 31/7 to cast your vote.

This Photo Contest is part of the Narrow the Gap Fund that this year supports organizations helping vulnerable children. By donating to the Fund this summer you will held brighten the lives of many disadvantaged children in our city.

To donate and learn more go to LIN’s Blog:

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