Top five projects selected for Narrow the Gap Online Vote!

Top five projects selected for Narrow the Gap Online Vote!

14 grant proposals from 14 local not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) were submitted to LIN for the Narrow The Gap Fund on 31 July 2013. Ten members of the independent Grant Allocation Committee had one week to review the 13 eligible applications. And this is what they decided.


The proposals covered various programs and activities to address many challenges that disadvantaged children in HCMC are facing, including healthcare, education, and life skills. The projects aimed to improve lives for children with disability, orphans, street children and children living in the rural areas.

The Grant Allocation Committee members were selected based on their experience with child rights and grant review. After reviewing the proposals independently, the Committee members discussed their ideas at a meeting on 10 August. After a fruitful 4 hour debate, the Committee selected five projects to enter the online vote.

“The proposals addressed a wide range of issues and suggested solutions to these issues in many creative ways”, said Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Huong, a member of the Grant Allocation Committee. “The NPOs showed their improvement in proposal writing and planning. They also paid more attention to the sustainability and scalability of their projects. There was a network formed amongst NPOs where they shared information, needs and achievements through their project activities.”

The online voting to select top 3 projects is a new feature of this year’s Narrow The Gap Fund. On the one hand, it encourages the NPOs to play a more proactive role in promoting their projects to attract the community’s attention and support. On the other hand, it empowers the community members by giving them an opportunity to influence how the Fund will be distributed.

List of 5 selected projects:

  1. Making a video clip on “Health education for teenagers, especially teenagers with visual or hearing impairment”, by The Ho Chi Minh City Association for the Support of the People with Disabilities and Orphans;
  2. “Clean water tree” for children in the rural area of Long Thuan town, Long An province, by Ceporer Hoc Mon;
  3. Digitalized Let’s Learn textbook for children with visual impairment, by The Center for Multilanguage Database Kim Tu Dien;
  4. Promotion of healthy entertainment and education for children: “Singing often is better than singing well”, by Tinh Than Network;
  5. Support for disadvantaged children, by Nhan Ai Social Work Club

The short descriptions of these five projects will be posted soon. Online vote will be open on 15 August, so make sure you do not miss the chance to make your voice heard!

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