BBDO Vietnam & Happier won first prize in LIN CPI 2013

HCMC, 14 September, 2013 – With an impressive identity package and a comprehensive social media strategy, team BBDO Vietnam and Happier won first prize in LIN Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2013.


Thành viên nhóm Happier chụp hình cùng đại diện công ty Intel tại Lễ trao giải ngày 13-9.

Happier members took photo with a representative of Intel Products Vietnam at the Award Ceremony on 13 September, 2013.

Team BBDO and Happier were selected for their simple yet vibrant design, a cheerful slogan (Inspiring kids to smile) and a clear communication plan.

Ms. Ta Mai Anh, a member of Happier, spoke at the Award Ceremony: “Before LIN CPI, Happier did not invest in communications.  We realized the importance of communications after we participated in LIN CPI, especially after the workshop on Basic Communications. We are thankful that LIN has provided a great opportunity for not-for-profit organizations like ours to improve our communications skills and utilize communication tools with the mentorship provided by communications experts.”

Ms. Ho Thi Thu Uyen, Vietnam Corporate Affairs Manager at Intel Products Vietnam, one of the panel of judges, commented: “I find most tools created by CPI teams creative and meaningful. The agencies who participated were enthusiastic about their community service. Although each team has a different target audience and different beneficiaries such as; children with disabilities; children with visual impairments; or street children, they all showed great love and care.”

Commenting on the quality of the tools, Mr. Trung Nghia, a renowned journalist and member of the judging  panel, said: “Creativity and practicality were two elements found in most of the tools. It was a tough choice for the judge panel. Looking at the achievement of the teams, I strongly believe that the not-for-profit organizations would be able to apply what they learned from the agencies to raise public awareness about their great work.”

In addition to a 21 million VND prize for the winner, LIN offered 4 other prizes (of 6 to 8 million VND each) and 5 incentive awards (of 3 million VND each) for the 9 runners up. The program ended with the Award Ceremony, but it opened doors to meaningful future connections between the non-profit and for-profit sector to build a better community for all of us.

The result:

Initiative of the Year – 21 million VND: BBDO Vietnam and Happier 

Most Effective Communications – 8 million VND:  MindCaster and Nhan Ai Social Work Club

Best Campaign – 6 million VND:  LOWE Vietnam and Smile Group

Community’s Choice – 6 million VND: Hand in Hand and SPI

Most Unique Idea – 6 million VND: Green Hat  and MATA

Incentive Award – 3 million VND each:

eBrand and GFOC

Blue Scarf and A new day

River Orchid and Cau Han Project

KERMIT & Thiện Tâm Hương

Day Break & Tương lai project

LIN’s CPI is a call to companies and skilled professionals in HCMC to apply their professional skills and experience over a six-week period to benefit the community by volunteering to be placed with a local NPO. The program is generously sponsored by Intel.  For more information, please visit:

This short video clip summarizes all activities of CPI 2013:

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