LIN needs your volunteer stories!

Volunteer Stories Competition 2013

The impact of skilled volunteerism


You are being invited to contribute to a collection of “Volunteer Stories”, an initiative of the LIN Center for Community Development (hereafter, “LIN”). Your Volunteer Story can be submitted in any of the following formats: videos, narratives, poems and/or a combination. We suggest that you limit your narratives in 800 words or less (5 minutes or less for video clips.) Please submit your story with this submission form by 5:00 pm, 15 November, 2013.


a.    LIN’s NPO partners who have received support from skilled volunteer(s) in one-way or another in the past four years.
b.    LIN’s Skilled Volunteers who supported one or more NPO in the past four years.
c.    Other NPOs and INGOs in Vietnam who have benefited from skilled volunteer support in the past 4 years.
d.    Other Skilled Volunteers who have supported one or more NPO/INGO in Vietnam in the past 4 years.


  1. For NPOs: What do skilled volunteers mean to us?
  2. For Volunteers: What impact did I make by contributing my skills to an NPO?


Stories can be submitted in any of the following formats: narratives/poems (in 800 words or less), videos (5 minutes or less), and/or a combination.


Please send your story with submission form to before 5:00 pm 15 November, 2013.




Eligible stories will be shared on LIN facebook and blog from 18 November to 24 November.

The stories will be judged by two panels: the professional judge panel (accounted for 50%) and the public, by number of likes on LIN facebook (accounted for 50%).


For NPOs:

(1)   a chance to win one of 10 (ten) Khai Vy outdoor furniture sets for their organization;

(2)   the project helps NPOs to appreciate their volunteers;

(3)   it can serve as positive PR for the NPO, for prospective donors and future volunteers.

For Skilled Volunteers:

(1) gift vouchers;

(2) an opportunity to promote the NPO to prospective donors/volunteers;

(3) a chance to inspire other people to volunteer in their community.

A collection of stories will be included in LIN Volunteer Stories Vol 3.


Your submission of material constitutes your permission for, and consent to, its dissemination and use in connection with this project in all media in perpetuity. The material you submit must have been created by you, wholly original, and shall not be copied from or based, in whole or in part, upon any other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain.

LIN has no obligation to use your submission. That said, by submitting any material to LIN you release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless LIN and persons acting under its permission or authority from any claims or liability arising out the use of the material, including, without limitation, claims for violation of privacy, defamation, or misrepresentation.

We may not be able to return the material you submit to us so please be sure to keep a copy for yourself. LIN will not share your email address or any other contact information unless you specifically give permission to do so.

Only volunteer stories that took place in Vietnam will be eligible for inclusion in this collection of Volunteer Stories. All prize winners will be announced at an award ceremony. Although winners will be invited to attend the ceremony, LIN is not obligated to cover the cost for their transportation to and from the award ceremony.

Regardless of whether or not the winner can attend the award ceremony, LIN or an appropriate representative will deliver the prize to each of the winners, provided that they are located in Vietnam.

If you are unclear about any aspect of these terms and conditions, you may contact the LIN Center by email or telephone for clarification: Phone: +84 (8) 3512-0092,

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