The impact of skill-based volunteers

  • 292 volunteers contributed their skills to the community via LIN in 2013, generating more than 10,000 volunteer hours, valued more than 240,000 USD.
  • Skills contributed: Communications, Marketing, Financial management, Proposal writing, Fundraising, Translating, Legal consulting, and more.
  • Beneficiaries: 50 local NPOs in Ho Chi Minh City, including LIN

LIN Volunteer Day 2013

More than 80 people came to LIN Volunteer Day, an event held on 7 December, 2013 to appreciate LIN volunteers who made substantial contribution to the community in HCMC.

The event was organized in celebration of the International Volunteer Day, with the topic: “The impact of skill-based volunteers”.

In her presentation about LIN Volunteer Services in 2013, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc, LIN’s Volunteer Coordinator, said LIN could not be where they were without the help of hundreds of amazing volunteers. “LIN is a not-for-profit organization operating with a very small team of staff. We could not do what we did this year without the wonderful support from hundreds of volunteers. Their contribution is tremendous to LIN and I would like to thank each and every volunteer who has been helping us!”

In 2013, LIN facilitated and worked with 292 volunteers who generated more than 10,000 volunteer hours to the community, valued more than 240,000 USD. 93 skilled volunteers were matched with local NPOs to mentor NPO staff on various skill sets and support NPOs in skill-based tasks. The skills contributed by these volunteers included communications, marketing, fiancial management, proposal writing, fundraising, translating, legal consulting, etc. Another 31 experts volunteered to lead a workshop or provide one-on-one consultation with NPO staff on organizational management topics. Another 168 volunteers provided direct support to LIN during the year 2013.

The impact of skill-based volunteers was highlighted in the speech of Mr. Mai Bao Trung, manager of Nhan Ai Social work club. In 2013, the volunteer group was matched with a team of employees from MindCaster PR agency who mentored Nhan Ai members on communications skills, and Mr. Nguyen Quy Duc who produced a video clip for Nhan Ai, pro bono. “Skilled volunteers like Ms. Nghi, Ms. Giang from MindCaster and Mr. Duc are invaluable to NPOs like us,” Trung said. “Their experience and expertise enable us to improve our capacity in areas that we are still very weak. I hope there will be more and more skilled volunteers who help local NPOs like us so that we could do our work better and serve the community better.”

At the event, Ms. Tran Thi Kim Chung, UN Volunteers (UNV) program officer, said that UNV aimed to promote volunteerism for sustainability around the world, therefore UNV supported LIN and its Volunteer Stories Contest to raise the awareness about volunteerism, especially skill-based volunteerism. “We wish to continue to support LIN and the volunteers in many activities to leverage their voluntary contributions and inspire people to act,” she said.

During the Volunteer Stories Contest Award Ceremony, LIN announced the result and presented awards to the best authors. A book of 16 selected stories will be issued in early 2014.

Winners of LIN Volunteer Stories Contest 2013

Winners of LIN Volunteer Stories Contest 2013

LIN Volunteer Day and LIN Volunteer Stories Contest 2013 were generously sponsored by Irish Aid and Intel, with in-kind sponsorship from ACET, Yoga Living, Yves Rocher, UNV, Zalora, Scott & Bình’s, Au Parc, Sweet & Sour, Wrap & Roll and Coca Cola.

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