How can NPO leaderships maintain their flame?

The meeting of the Leadership Circle, 11/2014.

On the morning of the 21st of February 2014, 18 leaders came together for a meeting of the Nonprofit Organizations in HCMC, at LIN for Community Development’s office, to all share their experience and knowledge on “How NPO leaderships maintain their flame”. Mr. Tien came from VietSeed Scholarship Foundation – an organization dedicated to supporting students under difficult circumstances in Vietnam to continue on their path of education. VietSeed Scholarship Foundation volunteered to present its experience in maintaining their fire and inspiring the students who received support.

Click here to download the presentation by Mr. Tien.

Leadership circle 1

Mr. Tien indicated the reasons that may impact the morale of the leader are: relationship with partners, relationship with the beneficiary, personal issues, work, and each organization/other agencies in contact with the Organization.  Another reason he referred to is the role of the beneficiary and the work of the Organization as an important factor in maintaining an active status. He shared: “Each time I see a picture of each student we benefited and each success they achieved, I see my contribution, as well as Vietseed’s.” This is an experience that many other NPO leaders share, so everyone was interested and had a lot of questions to ask. From then, the discussion led to many personal sharing that enlightened everyone on how to maintain their positive spirit to help keep NPO upbeat and active. For example, family supports operations, empowering employees, rotating work shifts to mitigate boredom and ways to persuade the organizations through better dialogue skills.

Leadership Circle 2

After the discussion, the participants split into 4 groups to come up with 5 positive/negative solutions to solve the problem that leaders who have yet to find a successful solution face with an organization’s project. This exercise helps the participants to have better insight on reacting to daunting problems that may occur.  At the end, each NPO leader performed a fun exercise quiz to better comprehend their tendencies when faced with a decision of an organization/agency.

Leadership Circle 3

Click here to download the presentation by Mr. Tien.

Photos by Quang Trầm.

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