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The impact of skill-based volunteers

292 volunteers contributed their skills to the community via LIN in 2013, generating more than 10,000 volunteer hours, valued more than 240,000 USD. Skills contributed: Communications, Marketing, Financial management, Proposal writing, Fundraising, Translating, Legal consulting, and more. Beneficiaries: 50 local

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“This job will offer you more than just a chance to take pictures…” Interview with a LIN’s dedicated Skilled Volunteer, photographer Pham Vu Hoang Giang.

From the end of 2011, LIN was fortunate to receive support from Pham Vu Hoang Giang, a volunteer photographer. Giang is an enthusiastic young man with a passion for photography and talented at capturing the moment. He is also very

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5 Lessons in Family Venture Philanthropy

By Anh Ton, Asian Philanthropy Forum May 28, 2013 [Note: On 9 and 10 May, the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network hosted a two-day conference in Singapore attended by 340 delegates from 31 countries.  Dana Doan, a member of the LIN

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Change CRM to DRM

Change CRM to DRM Hansjuerg Moser, LIN’s Skilled Volunteer  In the world of business or profit companies, the term CRM became more and more important in recent times. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and incorporates all aspects in connection

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How to get best impact from your communication

How to get best impact from your communication – By Hansjuerg Moser, LIN Skilled Volunteer Here’s an amazing statistic: The average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day. That’s about the length of a novel. The cascade comes

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