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Change CRM to DRM

Change CRM to DRM Hansjuerg Moser, LIN’s Skilled Volunteer  In the world of business or profit companies, the term CRM became more and more important in recent times. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and incorporates all aspects in connection

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How to get best impact from your communication

How to get best impact from your communication – By Hansjuerg Moser, LIN Skilled Volunteer Here’s an amazing statistic: The average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day. That’s about the length of a novel. The cascade comes

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What Employee Volunteer Programs are in place in HCMC?

Corporate social responsibility in the form of employee volunteer programs creates a win-win situation for businesses, employees and the communities in which they serve. A quick glance at several companies that are engaging their staff to volunteer in Ho Chi

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How to attract, win and keep donors

By Hansjuerg Moser – LIN skilled volunteer With hundreds of NPOs in Ho Chi Minh City and its greater area, existing mainly on money from donors, foundations and grant-making organizations, the competition is huge and the demands of doing the

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