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Our city is not perfect, there are many social problems that we face every day, including child neglect, domestic  violence, lack of infrastructure for  people with disabilities, air pollution, and many others. Because there are so many problems, it is often difficult to find the best way to solve them and the right people to support.

Fortunately, there are people in our city who dedicate their lives to helping others and making our city a better place.  Many of these people started their own local volunteer groups and not-for-profit organizations (NPOs). Organizations like Ceporer Hoc Mon, which just opened a shelter for disadvantaged children in Hoc Mon. Environmental Communication and Community Development Association (ECCDA), which is taking action against climate change and pollution, helping to find clean, quality housing and legal aid services for migrants and low-income people. Or A New Day volunteer group, which organizes events and trainings to inspire young people and different communities to work together.

LIN Center for Community Development supports over 100 such local NPOs. We offer free workshops and one-on-one consultations for the staff of these organizations. We help them find skilled volunteers and donors. Most importantly, we inform residents of HCMC about the amazing work these organizations do and about how people like you can support them. Take a quick tour of LIN’s new Community Center!


Visit different rooms at LIN Community Center and learn what you can do to help LIN make HCMC a better place for all:

Visit NPO Training Room

NPO Training Room

Visit Volunteer Matching Room


Visit NPO Incubator Room

NPO Incubator_EN

Visit NPO Library and Research Room

NPO Library_EN & VN

Visit Community Outreach Room

Community Outreach Room_EN

Why do we invest in local NPOs?

We do it because we believe that by making local NPOs stronger we create a ripple effect. As a result or LIN’s support, each of these NPOs is able to provide better services to a larger number of people in need. And there is a great variety of people whom LIN’s partner NPOs help, from street children to the abandoned elderly, to the urban poor. Supporting LIN’s work you help thousands of disadvantaged people in HCMC. 

How can you engage in making our city a better place?

  • If you are interested in a particular area, for example helping children or disadvantaged women, you can contact LIN to get information about credible local organizations that support these groups
  • If you are looking to design a more effective and long-term community program for your business, whether it is giving or staff volunteering, you can contact LIN for advice and reference to credible organizations
  • If you want to meet the people running local NPOs and learn first-hand about their work and ways to partner with them, you can attend one of LIN’s open community events
  • If you want to share your skills and expertise in a certain area, such as PR and communications, you can contact LIN to find a local NPO that needs your skills or present at one of LIN’s workshops
  • If you wish to learn more about LIN’s work or support us, visit the Rooms at LIN Community Center (see links above), sign up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook, or visit our website

But most importantly, you can help by spreading the word about LIN Community Center to other people who care about our city. Bottom line: You can make a difference and help build a strong community!

Download brochure about LIN Community Center

Support LIN Community Center (we welcome both financial and in-kind contributions):

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting LIN Community Center!

As of July 2013, over $16,000 was donated to LIN Community Center in Grants, Cash and In-Kind contributions from 10 corporate donors and over 25 individual donors. On behalf of the LIN Board, entire LIN team, and over 100 local not-for-profit organizations supported by LIN’s programs we would like to thank everyone who believes in our dreams and aspirations. A Big Thank You goes to:

Two very dedicated anonymous LIN Supporters, Anh Thu Truong, Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, Catherine Walter, Charity Cabaret Committee, Christopher James Sall, David Person, George Ehrlich and Le Hoang Khanh Long at Exotissimo, Heart Says Free Move student association at SSIS, Huong Mazur, Huynh Xuan Thao, Kate Anderson and Andrew Currie and OUT-2 Studio, Khau Hong Nguyen, Lam Bao Quang, LIN Board Members, LIN’s Board Members Kham Doan and Nguyen Thu Ha at Horizon Capital Advisers, LIN’s Board Member Mark Sidel, LIN’s Board Member Tran Thi Bao Ngoc at C. Melchers GmbH & Co. Vietnam, Lyon Center, Matt King and Cindy Enriquez at Asian Tigers, Mike Doan and Lynda Oanh Hong, My Nguyen and MM Soft Team, MSD, Next Giving and MobiVi Teams, Lam Quynh Anh and Mayer Brown JSM, Quynh An Nguyen at Noah’s Club, Robin Austin, Sarah Jubb, Thai Thanh Son, Thanh Hang, Tram Do, Tran Thi Thu Phuong, US Consulate General, Velda Marini

LIN Community Center is located at: 180/47 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, P22, Quận Bình Thạnh, phone 84-8-3512 0092, email

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