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“Helping to create joy is my first thought when I join LIN Community Partnership Initiative.” – Nguyen Dang Van Anh – Account Manager of Digital Day Break.

Participating in LIN Community Partnership Initiative 2013 (CPI), Daybreak Digital said: Beside the opportunity to support the Future Project, CPI also created a friendly environment for Daybreak’s staffs to get closer “.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh, a member of The Tuong Lai (Future) Project said: “The strongest characteristic between Future project and Daybreak is youthfulness. And we believe that youthfulness will create an attractive media product.” Daybreak Digital also said “Helping the Future Project to acquire the professional media experience is the biggest goal for our participation.”

Besides these advantages, Future Project also mentioned challenges in working schedule and technical. Sometimes, the process of exchanging information is delayed due to problems of transferring database or converting video “. To overcome those obstacles, Daybreak always stay active in contacting and exchanging information with the Future project, to accelerate the progress.”

Besides that, Nguyen Van Anh Dang also revealed Daybreak Digital desires to be a long-term partner with the Future project, especially in the process of finding donors and sponsors …Two parties will organize a recreation picnic programs for children in August, which is considered as a first step of a long-term partnership.”

DayBreak Digital

Daybreak Digital was established in December 2011, focusing on design and online marketing. Daybreak Digital’s slogan is Smart is beautiful”. The agency always spends time to learn and listen to customers before providing them with professional and helpful media solutions.


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About The Future Project

The Future Project was established on 11 May, 1988. From February 2003, the Project moved to a new office at 280/10, Cách Mạng Tháng 8 street, Ward 10, District 3, HCMC. It has been in this two storey house that the Future Project team carried ot their services and activities, including information exchange; education  and vocational training, job placement, English class, entertainment and sports activities. These services have been provided free of charge to street children, poor children, working children and children at risk.

Since 2001, The Future Project has reached 4,391 children; received 2,881 children at the office; supported 211 children to obtain their personal ID papers; supported 701 children to study so that they could continue going to school; provided job placement for 639 teenagers and vocational training for 542 children; provided trainings in life skill, productive health, HIV/AIDS children’s rights for 1,174 children.




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