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Click here to view eBrand & GFOC’s Communication plan


“GFOC team has many members and all of them are dynamic!”, said Mr. Duc Do, representative of eBrand, about Green Future of Children project team (GFOC).

Participating in Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2013 competition held by LIN Center for Community Development, the duo “eBrand – GFOC” sets their target as : “To build a standard communications strategy to help GFOC not only survive through each project but also meet as many children as possible”.

Discussing environmental education module for children, Mr. Duc emphasizes that “GFOC has already built a very good communications program, all that eBrand needs to do is to help them find the attractions of GFOC, then link them to make a creative and completed communications strategy”.

GFOC shares the challenges in co-operating with eBrand: “At the beginning, we both did not understand much about each other. But through straightforward discussion, we came to a clearer picture about our product in the competition. We believe that, by co-operating with eBrand, we will have a new development in communications strategy”.

eBrand is now selecting particular traits in environmental education module for children called “5-basic-element-chain, GFOC journey”. With advantages of being a company expertized in Brand Communications and a Creative project for children, the message “People can protect the environment through simple daily acitons” promises to be delivered in an interesting way by eBrand and GFOC in the CPI competition.

About eBrand Digital Branding

eBrand is specialized in Deisigning & Developing websites for companies; Advertising and Brand Broadcasting. Our company provides completed solutions and online trainings on e-Commerce, Digital Marketing.

Website: http://www.ebrand.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eBrandVietnam?fref=ts

About GFOC

“Green Future of Children” project is an environmental education project established on 15th Feb 2011 in HCMC with the slogan “Paint The Green, Draw The Future”. GFOC aims to build objective awareness for children about the environment and how to protect the environment when they are young. Therefore, create educational chances for stable living style for our next generation. Besides, GFOC create chances for the next generations making changes about environment, and specially climate change in our community.

WordPress: http://gfochochiminh.wordpress.com/tag/gfoc/

Blogspot: http://gfochochiminh.blogspot.com/2012/07/about-gfoc.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gfochcmc?fref=ts




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