FMC & 5gio sang

“Cooperating with FMC Marketing was like destiny. The daring and youthful character was the bridge between FMC and 5gio sang”, said Ms. Dang Thu Huong, a member of 5gio sang.

Participating in the Community Partnership Initiatives 2013 (CPI), which is held by LIN Center for Community Development in Viet Nam, as 5gio sang said “is a precious opportunity for the team given our lack of experience in the field of PR. Joining force with FMC, we believe every kid can have the chance to go to football fields, where they would learn invaluable lessons after each match”.

 FMC - gio sang

FMC, a digital agency offering digital solutions with strategic approaches, takes pride in its ability in turning plain conceptions into creative and successful media projects with suitable and affordable price. After two weeks of cooperation, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hoang Nam, the Project Manager of FMC said “5gio sang presents us with a creative and brand new model. In the games, the kids can express their character. Through the clashes on the football fields, they will see rights from wrongs and then adjust by themselves”.

However, there are still obstacles ahead. The 5gio sang team has admitted that the logjam in cooperating is the insufficient amount of time. “Both of us have our own matters to worry about. Therefore, we have to make the most out of every meeting we have. 5gio sang sincerely express our gratitude for all the help provided by FMC. This shows the attractiveness and the efficiency of CPI, a bridge between media companies’ will to contribute to the society and the non-profit organizations’ needs”.

About FMC:

FMC is a digital agency offering digital solutions with strategic approaches including digital marketing and public relations.



About 5gio sang:

5gio sang is a non-profit organization established in 2009 with the goal to provide disadvantaged children opportunities to explore and develop themselves by playing football.



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