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1. Visual Identity

logoBo nhan dien thuong hieu

2. Video clip “Journey of the Light” (script)

Please read the Communication plan for the script


Click here to view GREEN HAT & MÁI ẤM THIÊN ÂN Communication plan


“High Performance, Delivered!” – Green Hat Ltd, participated in the Community Partnership Initiatives 2013 (CPI), which is held by LIN Center for Community Development in Viet Nam, with the deepest commitment to deliver not only “the fish” but also “the fishing rod” to Viet Nam’s blind communities. In associated with the Thien An Shelter (MATA) taking part in the CPI, Green Hat’s upmost goal would be: “Using the media to bring the donators and the community to the MATA, whose mission is to support the blind people to overcome their shyness, hence integrate into and contribute more for the society. Among many strong-points, the factors of education make MATA stand out from other organizations in the field of supporting the blind.”

On cooperating with Green Hat, the manager of MATA – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong emphasized three elements: Enthusiasm – Thoughtfulness – Creativity. “Now with the support from Green Hat, MATA strongly believed that many of the blind people, especially the kids and the teenagers, will know:  they all have a home to study, to work and to live”.

For the time being, Green Hat and Thien An Shelter are gathering information and media materials in preparation for a new media product. “The Community Partnership Initiatives is not only an exciting competition where media companies can learn from each other. It also provides us an invaluable opportunity to support the non-profit organizations practically and sustainably”, said Green Hat’s representative.

About Green Hat:

Green Hat is an integrated marketing communication agency in Viet Nam focusing on brand building through providing creative marketing solutions.



About Thien An Shelter (MATA)

Thien An Shelter (MATA) was established by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong in 1999 with the intents to develop the ability of disadvatnaged visually impaired children by providing the chance of proper education, hence giving them necessary knowledge and skills to retain an independent life and integrate better into the society.




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