Hand in Hand & SPI

 Hand in Hand - SPI


No Tool
1 Visual Identity
2 Brochure
3 Facebook SPI
4 Video “SPI for street juveniles”
5 Fundraising campaign

1. Visual Identity


SPI logo

   SPI namecard

SPI namecard-back

SPI letterhead SPI envelop

2. Brochure

t_ th⌠ng tin

3. Facebook SPI


4. Video 

5. Fundraising campaign “Chung tay cho ước mơ bay cao”

chung tay cho ²_c m⌡ bay cao


Click here to view Hand in Hand & SPI’s Communication plan


As a communications expert group led by Mr. Thanyachat Auttanukune, a Marketing expert, Hand in Hand comes to the Community Partnership Initiative 2013 (CPI) with a desire of Joining hands to build a better society.”

When asked about SPI (Social Professional Integration) project – their partner NPO, Mr Auttanukune said: “Ms. Do Thi Loc, the project manager, is admirable! She has devoted her entire life to helping young people integrate into the community. Hand in Hand acts as a friend to support expertise for SPI. In the process, two biggest obstacles are “time and language barriers” but with the enthusiastic support of Hand in Hand, we had overcome that two obstacles. ”

Currently, Hand in Hand and SPI are concretizing contents to covey the message “Everyone gives a hand together to create new opportunities for street youth to integrate with society.” Ms. Do Thi Loc said: ” Hand in Hand and SPI are trying at our best. In case we don’t win this competition, SPI still has a tool which may help the project to find sponsors in the future.”

Thanyachat Auttanukune shared a very memorable thought: “Everyone is a main nucleus to build a better society. In other words, if each of us gets involve, the society surely would be better.”

About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a volunteer group of experts which is led by Mr. Thanyachat Auttanukune, Indochina Business Manager at Cerebos (Thailand) Ltd., and three enthusiastic youths with passion in the Marketing and Communications field.

About Social Professional Integration Project.

“Social Professional Integration” project is directly under HCM Child Welfare Association, which was established with the purpose of providing vocational training for street youths at risk.



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