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Click here to view team Lowe & Smile Group’s Communication Plan 


“Lowe and Smile group both try to find the most positive way to convey the message about children with HIV/AIDS. It’s not about sadness, unfortunate things but about hope, unaffected side of children with the century disease”, said Ms. Vy, Volunteer from Smile Group.

Participating in Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2013 competition held by LIN Center for Community Development, Lowe Advertising and Communications Company brings the spirit of : “ Charity is not big work. Even smallest sharing actions can bring huge changes”. To build a most appropriate communcations solution, Lowe as actively visited and learned about Smile Group. Mr. Sajju Ambat – Strategy Planning Director of Lowe – shares: “ Volunteers of Smile Groups are very enthusiastic, they throw themselves out there with Lowe to build this project”. With the whole-hearted actions from both sides, they have overcome the obstacle of limited time fund.

Speaking of inspiration to build communications product for Smile Group, Lowe has shared: “ Lowe and Smile Group always ask the question: how to make charity work more simple? It’s like instead of asking one to donate 1 million VND, we ask 500 persons to donate 2000 VND each”. From that inspiration, a creative communications product was born.

Looking back after 6 weeks of co-operation, Ms. Leslie Wiener – Head of Smile Group shares: “Community Partnership Initiative has created a chance for Smile Group to get support from Lowe – a professional communications company. We believe that the message “Children deserve better care and support” will spread out in community”.

About LOWE Advertising and Communications

LOWE + Partners is a International Advertising Company under Interpublic Group. Presented in Vietnam for 17 years, LOWE has provided creative advertising and communications services for more than 50 brands. With “Creative that works” guideline, LOWE has won 10 awards from The Asian Marketing Effectiveness Prize.

Website: http://www.lowevietnam.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowevietnam

About Smile Group – a friend of teacher Hung

In 2004, teacher Hung found youngster with HIV/AIDS and helped them to ovecome difficulty and complex. Smile Group was born from Mr.Hung’s hope: “Our mission is to help AIDS people to fully live their lives, with respect and support from community”.

Website: http://www.smilegroupvn.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmileGroupVn


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