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1 Photo album “Select the future for a strange kid”
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1. Photo album “Select the future for a strange kid” 

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Nhan Ai 2

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2. Add “Donate Now” tab on Nhan Ai website

website1 website


Click here to view MIND CASTER & NHÂN ÁI Communication plan


“If there is 3 words about Nhan Ai Social Worker Club, it would be Love – Compassion – Companion. Because you must have love and compassion to companion with children”. Compassion is also the glue to stick MindCaster company & Nhan Ai Social Work Club in the CPI 2013 competition, held by LIN Center for Community Development.

What makes MindCaster and Nhan Ai stand out is that they are youthful and dynamic. Ms. Vu Nghi, PR Planning Executive of MindCaster said “All members at Nhan Ai Social Work Club are very young, intelligent and quick catching”. Speaking of this, Phan Phan Thuong – a member of Nhan Ai Social Work Club shares “It is our luck to co-operate with a professional communications team from MindCaster. Our co-operation is so inspiring, and our work progress is in time”.

Besides the advantages, both face difficulty in “Tight time fund”.  At this moment, MindCaster and Nhan Ai Social Work Club is building detailed content for their product to participate in the competition through researching communications audience to deliver a most proper message.

Mr. Phan Phan Thuong shares his dream if they can win this competition: “If we win, Nhan Ai Social Work Club will have more fund to better afford our coming activities”.

About MindCaster

MindCaster Company was established in 2005, MindCaster has advantages in young market segment, modern women, and high-income persons.

Our success comes from our talented, professional and enthusiastic staff.  We do believe that communications can change the world! In fact, communications has a great influence, it can change the respond level of people to everything. By making use of communications, MindCaster has a deep knowledge of branding and market law.  That is the reason MindCaster can deliver services beyond expectation, gaining trust from our customers.

Website: http://www.mind-caster.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindCasterPR

About Nhan Ai Social Work Club

Website: http://clbnhanai.vicongdong.vn/default.aspx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClbCtxhNhanAi?fref=ts


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