RiverOrchid & Cau Han project

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1. Poster Unprotected sex = Suicide

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2. Poster Fun one minute,  Regret a lifetime

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3. Billboard Safe sex

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Click here to view team RIVERORCHID & Cau Han project’s Communication plan


Cau Han Project was born at the famous sex worker area in District 7, with the purpose to propagate, raise awareness about HIV/AIDS infection. Participating in Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) 2013 held by LIN Center for Community Development, Cau Han Project and its partner RiverOrchid would want to find an effective communications solution, beside meeting and sharng activities currently are held.

After disccussions, RiverOrchid and Cau Han Project came to an idea conclusion:  “A campaign aim to reduce HIV/AIDS infection through directly influence adults”. The most popular and fastest way for infection is via sex workers, hence the message that RiverOrchid  and Cau Han Project choose to share is: “Conseqences of unsafe sex” to strike on adults’ awareness.

Speaking of this communications product, Ms. Huynh Kim Tien (Cau Han Project) shares: “Through technical consultance of RiverOrchid, Cau Han Project believes that we can improve our communications capability, therefore we can spread out the Project’s mission, and also make use of sponsorship from donors”.

Ms. Ngo Quynh Anh (Account Manager of RiverOrchid) affirms: “ Cau Han Project is very enthusiastic in information sharing. Being able to realize the zeal and affection in helping community, RiverOrchid is encouraged for better work”.

About RiverOrchid 

RiverOrchid is under RiverOrchid Group. Established in 2000, till now, RiverOrchid has presence in 6 big cities including Bangkok, Hanoi, HCMC, Phnom Penh, Vientiane and Yangon with total staff force over 180 persons. With a vision to become a brand builder for Mekong area, RiverOrchid provides international standard service package in combine with deep knowledge of local market.

Website: http://www.riverorchid.com

Cau Han Project

Located at 45/6 Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, formerly known as famous prostitution area, Cau Ha Project was born to help children and their parents in 3 wards in District 7. Main acitivities of Project is to organize free classes, propagate preventive awareness about HIV/AIDS, fight discrimination against HIV/AIDS people.

Website: http://haahcm.org


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