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Narrow the Gap Fund: Helping Local People Meet Local Needs

Summer 2013: Focus on Children


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Thank you to everybody who supported Narrow the Gap Community Fund and Event 2013!

We invite you to learn about the results of the NTG Fund and Event 2013 by visiting this page. 

We also invite you to stay in touch to see the results of the three projects supported by NTG 2013, and to participate in the next round of NTG Fund which will focus on Education. 

Thank you to the corporate donors to Narrow the Gap Fund and Event 2013

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Platinum Donors

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Silver donors

Media Support

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Thank you to the individual donors to Narrow the Gap Fund and Event 2013



The NTG Fund and Event 2013 would not be possible without the help of the following, amazing individuals who devoted countless hours of their time to review projects, advise NPO staff, design and disseminate marketing materials, organize logistics, arrange the room, contact sponsors and manage all of the activities that are taking place today. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!


About Narrow the Gap Fund and Event 2013
Why focus on children?

For a quick answer, watch this 5 min video about the challenges children face in Ho Chi Minh City and the organizations that work to solve these challenges.


Not everyone is benefiting from Vietnam’s rapid economic development. Inequality is a real issue. Thousands of families and children are migrating to Ho Chi Minh City, fleeing poverty and looking for better opportunities. But life in the city brings new challenges, and urban unemployment, family break-ups, and crime rates are on the rise. All this leads to an increased number of abandoned, neglected, abused and exploited children as well as youth crimes. In 2010, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) reported that more than 4.3 million children were living in “special circumstances,” which is nearly 18 per cent of all Vietnamese boys and girls. It includes

  • 1,353,458 children with disabilities,
  • 300,000 children affected by HIV and AIDS with 5,704 children living with HIV,
  • 21,230 street children,
  • 21,500 children living in institutions,
  • 126,248 abandoned children and orphans without care from their biological parents, 28,910 children working in hazardous conditions,
  • 1,805 abused children.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, in 2011 there were 13,600 juveniles in conflict with the law. Thousands of children are deprived of basic care, working in difficult jobs or living on the streets and many go completely unaccounted for in the official monitoring systems.

For many of these disadvantaged children the only place where they can receive health care, education, food, shelter, counseling and other support are local not-for-profit organizations.

To learn more about children’s issues in Vietnam and HCMC, click here

How does the Narrow the Gap Fund work?

Hoa Mau Don 2LIN’s Narrow the Gap Fund supports local not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) tackling the most pressing problems in HCMC. This summer, 100% of the Fund will go to organizations working with vulnerable children in our city. The Fund works in a simple way.

STEP 1: We collect donations from any individual or company in HCMC willing to help. We aim to collect VND 300 mln ($15,000) in July and August.

STEP 2: We invite the not-for-profit organizations to submit their project ideas to us. A board of experts selects 5 best project ideas (July)

STEP 3: You and other city residents vote online to choose 3 best projects (August)

STEP 4: You and other city residents come together at a fun event on September 15, 2013, meet the organizations running the 3 best projects and determine how the Fund will be distributed among them.

After the event, LIN transfers the Fund to the organizations, Then, LIN sends you 6-month and 1-year progress reports on the projects.

How is Narrow the Gap different from other charitable programs?

By donating to the Narrow the Gap Fund you multiply the impact of your donation. Pooling resources from many people allows us find long-term, effective solutions to core social problems that seem too large for one person or company to solve.

By supporting the Fund you support training programs for the staff of the not-for-profit organizations so they can deliver more effective services to the children they support. As they apply for grants, the organizations are invited to free workshops while preparing their projects. The organizations with the 3 best projects also receive free consultations with marketing and PR experts to help them better tell their stories, so that they can more easily receive donations in the future.

Finally, by joining the Fund you join a local network of good hearted individuals and companies who are dedicated to making our city a better place.

Why can you trust NTG Fund and LIN?

Thao Dan

There are 4 reasons.

Reason ONE: LIN has been running the Community Fund since its foundation in 2009. During this time, LIN has given over VND 767,858,600 (over $ 36,500) to 30 projects of local not-for-profit organizations. Over 1,000 disadvantaged people in our city have received help through these projects. Click here to see the list of the sponsored projects.

Reason TWO: Since 2009, LIN has advised individual philanthropists and companies, including Nike Vietnam, Intel Corporation, Disney Media Distribution Asia Pacific, Maersk Line, Talisman Vietnam, Viet Thai International, RMIT and others, on effective ways to invest in our community and helped them find trustworthy projects to support. In 2012 alone, 83 corporate and individual donors received philanthropy advice from LIN.

Reason THREE: LIN currently works with over 100 local not-for-profit organizations. Our daily work is providing training and consultations for these organizations, matching them with pro bono experts, and helping them find resources. At LIN we understand the strengths and needs of the local not-for-profit organizations as well as the best ways to support their work. Click here to see the list of our partner organizations.

Reason FOUR: Look at all the people and companies that supported our work in the past! All of these amazing individuals and companies believe in LIN and Narrow the Gap Fund. We hope that you will join LIN too! Click here to read all the great things our partners and donors say about LIN and the Fund.

In case you want more information…

Information for Corporate Donors (Power Point)

Read about LIN Narrow the Gap Fund in December 2012 (Focus on Women)

Virtual tour of LIN Community Center

LIN Center for Community Development


Click here for Vietnamese

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Photos on this page and other materials for the NTG Fund are courtesy of Truong Quang Minh and LIN’s partner not-for-profit organizations:  Not Lang, A New Day, ECO Vietnam Group, Green Future of Children, Hoa Mau Don, Nhan Ai, and Thao Dan. LIN would like to thank all the organizations who allowed us to share their images to help collect funds for the Narrow the Gap Fund. 

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