Project 2: Clean Water Tower for children in rural areas contaminated by alum acidity in Long Thuận – Long An

Project title: Clean Water Tower for children in rural areas contaminated by alum in Long Thuận – Long An (Click here to watch a 2 min video introducing the project)

Organization: Hoc Mon Social Center

Organization’s mission: Creating safe environment for children to improve their self-esteem and to be able to learn new knowledge, as well as maintain their physical and mental health.

Timing: October, 2013 – October 2014

What is the goal/purpose of this project? Why is this project necessary?

– To ensure that children in the areas suffering from heavy alum pollution have access to drinking water all year round

– To prevent water borne infectious diseases, especially in children and women, in the project areas

– To improve the quality of life in the project areas

Who will benefit from this project?

161 children from 80 families residing on the banks of the canal in hamlet 2, Long Thuan Commune, Thu Thua Distric, Long An. Households in this area do not have access to purified water to use for drinking and other household activities.

Describe the main project activities:

  • Recruit a Project Management board
  • Conduct and supervise water well and tower construction
  • Examine water quality
  • Organize community control groups to use and maintain the water tower to ensure long term benefit
  • Collect appropriate water fees to fund the tower maintenance, worker salary, and electricity expenses)

What will this project change? How will you measure the success of your project?

After the project is complete, the children in the project communities will have access to clean drinking water which in turn will help prevent water borne infectious diseases. As a result, the children and their families will have improved quality of life.

Staff and volunteers of the organization will gain useful experience and will be able to replicate the project in other communities in the future.

Click here to view the project budget

Click here to view the complete project proposal (Vietnamese only)

Photos depicting the organization’s work:


River is the community’s main water source at the moment


Alum contaminated water is taken from the river or ponds. The water’s yellow color is a sign that it is contaminated. In order to use the water for household chores, the families are forced to keep water in large jars at home to let the alum particles separate as a sediment.


Clean Water Tower project dream: the image of a water tower constructed in a similar community in 2005. This tower provides water for 100 households.


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