Project 4: Singing often is better than singing well: promotion of educational leisure activities for children

Project titleSinging often is better than singing well: promotion of educational leisure activities for children.

Organization: Tinh Than Network

Organization’s mission: Building capacity of people to participate in social activities in order to improve and develop their communities.

Timing:  October 2013 – October 2014

What is the goal/purpose of this project? Why is this project necessary?

Children love singing and taking part in fun group activities. The two activities we concentrate on are singing Vietnamese folk songs and puppetry. Both activities are standard in terms of education and entertainment for children.

Nowadays, children, especially poor children and children in shelters and orphanages, lack opportunities to sing and take part in meaningful group games. Many social workers and educators are not good at teaching singing and puppetry. The project provides training for teachers and educators at Tinh Than Network shelters in teaching singing folk songs, group activity songs and puppetry. This project will give children addicted to online games, singing inappropriate songs and reluctant to participate in group activities an opportunity to participate in more meaningful educational activities and gradually change their attitude for the better.

Who will benefit from this project?

– 100 poor children at 4 Tinh Than Network shelters in HCMC.
– 100 children of 10 community shelters in HCM City and surrounding provinces.
– 15 staff members in Vui Song puppet theatre
– 30 volunteers and educators

Describe the main project activities:

• Training for the educators (15 group activity songs and 7 folk song will be selected)

• The educators will teach children in the Tinh Than Network Shelters and community shelters

• Vui Song community Puppet Theater will be created to offer educational shows to the children

• Establish community folk singing groups

• Hold group singing competition for children in low-income neighborhoods

What will this project change? How will you measure the success of your project?

  • 15 educator will learn the skills of teaching folk songs to children
  • 200 children in the neighborhood and Tinh Than Network shelters, previously unfamiliar with singing together, will learn 10 group activity songs and 5 folk songs. By singing together the children will learn to appreciate folk songs.
  • A community puppet theater will be created which will stage 30-minute shows to be performed by adults and children. The performances will cover such educational topics as life skills.
  • The topic of the performances will follow the topics studied at the shelters, such as life skills.
  • At least two folk song performances by community adult Singing Group will be organized for children to teach them the beauty of Vietnamese folk songs. The Community Singing Group will stage 5 more shows for children to promote traditional community arts.
  • Create a positive, sustainable impact on community gatherings, where participants will be able to sing folk songs. Folk singing lessons will also contribute to the educational activities at the shelters.

Click here to view the project budget

Click here to read the complete project proposal (Vietnamese only)

Photos depicting the organization’s work:


Children in the impoverished neighborhood playing at Tinh Than Network office


Children at Lang Ma (Ghost Village) singing revised songs about domestic violence


Volunteers practicing with the puppets to teach the children

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