Project 5: Support for disadvantaged children

Project title: Support for disadvantaged children (click here to watch a 2 minute video about this project)

Organization: Nhan Ai Social Work Club

Organization’s mission: Support & Educate our beneficiaries, in particular children, in difficult circumstances, encourage their will to rise up in life, improve personality and to have a positive view of life.

Timing:  October 2013 – October 2014

What is the goal/purpose of this project? Why is this project necessary?

Nhan Ai Club is currently helping 210 children of 4 areas Sở Thùng, Cầu Muối, Bình Triều, Tân Lập in Ho Chi Minh City. Children live on the street, slums areas etc. Children sell lottery tickets, collect garbage, and polish shoes for living. They are vulnerable to various social evils. For example, many Binh Trieu children joined the local drug selling gang. Our project provides necessary knowledge, personality skills training, psychological consultations, and life orientation for these children with the participation of community, family and children themselves.

Who will benefit from this project?

210 children. Most of them are homeless, living in landfills, under bridges, and slums areas in Sở Thùng, Ấp Tân Lập, Bình Triệu & Cầu Muối Ward.

Describe the main project activities:

  1. Night Star Group: Volunteers invite and motivate homeless children of Sở Thùng, Cầu Muối & Tân Ấp to attend the project sessions. To date, the Night Star Group has opened 3 free classes, 6 days a week to teach literacy and life skills to the children. Teachers are not only teachers but also friends and they help children find an clear vision of their future and encourage them to attend school regularly.
  2. Extracurricular activities: Drawing class & Kung fu class on Sunday. In addition, there are educational leisure activities such as going to the Zoo and Museums on holiday eves.
  3. Emergency Assistance: Financial support for children in difficult situation to encourage them to attend school.

What will this project change? How will you measure the success of your project?

Project aims to help children acquire basic knowledge & skill for living. As a result, there will be change in children’s behavior, attitude, actions and, ultimately, their future. The project also aims to attract attention from community and government to the challenges of these children.

Click here to view the project budget

Click here to read the complete project proposal (Vietnamese only)

Photos depicting the organization’s work:


Night star group is approaching children at Binh Trieu Bridge area

Children are studying in a class opened by the club

Volunteers with District 4 children at the Zoo during Children’s Festival.


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